The very first thing to remind people is that NONE of the several trillion dollars pouring out of Washington goes to the City. If we were a private sector corporation we could apply for millions already, but cities are not helped.

With the city revenues coming from Sales Tax (34% ) and we are expecting up to a 32% cut in that revenue for obvious reasons and some cuts in other revenue areas. It should be noted that about 70% of local government expenses are for employees. The city will both dip substantially into our reserves as well as cut up to $20+ million in the next fiscal year. The executive team and their support has taken about a net 10% cut in pay (Saving $1.3 million next fiscal year) and the City Council has taken a voluntary cut of 10% also (by the way that amounts to about a total of about $10,000 for the 5 of us combined). Negotiations are going forward with our employee groups and we are looking at all sorts of approaches.