Campaign Issues

End Life-time Medical Coverage for Council

The massive unfunded liability of life time medical for the Councilmembers after 5 years of service must be stopped. PERIOD.

Save Denkinger and West Neighborhoods

I am opposed to the expansion of Denkinger and West Street to 4 lane major roadways to support an unnecessary set of villages in base area as called for in the newly passed general zone plan. We need to preserve our existing city and its neighborhoods not destroy them by putting tens of thousands of additional traffic on them.

Concentrate High Density at the BART Stations Not Clayton Road EAST

The BART stations are the area for high density bonuses not the far end of Clayton Road where there is no real effective mass transit.


Permit Policy Should Be Business Friendly!

Sign permits should be required of those that want to go beyond the rules, not by those that follow them.  A sign is a sign and if the city does no physical outside work such as a safety engineering check for a hanging sign, then there should not only not be a fee but there should not be permit needed.  Changing a church from a Lutheran to an Evangelical should not require a $1500 permit fee.

Protect the Farmers’ Market!

The farmers’ markets including the one at Concord High School should be protected and the attitude must be ‘how do we make this work’ not how do we shut it down.


Support the Concerts in the Park!

I believe that is it part of the economic development of the City to support the Concerts in the Park which bring in over 100,000 people each year to Concord and promote Concord as a family friendly city.  This is part of the Quality of Life.


Double the Graffiti Removal Squad!

We have an idle truck of graffiti removing equipment because we only have 2 people working on it.  We need to bring in 2 more to add to this vital element in fighting gang signs, tags and blight in a neighborhoods and business districts.  This is one of the most cost effective ways to increase house values, fight crime, bring up pride in our city and send a clear message to the vandals that Concord is OUR territory.


Mt. Diablo Healthcare District / John Muir Hospital – Concord Campus

I strongly object to any removal of the ownership rights on the Hospital coming back to the City/District in exchange of $240K for 10 years. We do not give up a $300 Million dollar asset for less than 1 per cent of the value as suggested by the Council.

Supports Neighborhood Police Protection

Ed was the only candidate to object to the closure of the sub-station in the Monument. We need to re-open ALL the substations and get community police policies working again.

Make Concord More Business Friendly

City municipal codes need to be reviewed jointly with the business community with the intent to reduce excessive regulation and increase job growth.  We need to get rid of fees disguised as taxes such as a fee to change a sign from one business to the next that is substantially the same with a different subject.  No fees on churches that change signs because of denomination changes.

Intrusive RV Regulations Removed

City codes which are excessively intrusive into our lives needs to be removed such as the regulation that if you have an RV parked in your own driveway it has to be parked on the left.

Protect Neighborhood Character

Neighborhood character needs to be maintained so that we are not putting major new densities in what is basically single family home areas.

Senior Housing

Senior affordable housing must be protected and extended where possible. I would like to see a senior community established in the CNWS redevelopment area.

Navy Responsible for Poisons Clean up

The Navy needs to be held responsible to clean up the poisons it used on the weapon station.

More Parks & Open Space

We need more parks and open space.

Monument Corridor & Day Laborers

The Monument Corridor area needs to be developed as a potential destination and not as a 6-lane highway. Also, we need to get the Day Laborers off of the street.

Protect Neighborhood Privacy

I support the idea of a code change to allow for base 7’ back yard fences to increase privacy and safety.

Prevent Neighborhood Blight

We need more code enforcement on the issue of blight.

Blue Devils

I support the Blue Devils.

Non-resident Golf Fees

I support increase in non-resident golf fees, we should not subsidize out of town golfers.

Squeezing the Taxpayers’ Penny

I support continued review of City budget expenditures. As a business person I believe that this is the day to day job of leadership and not something that you do during a budget crisis. How much better would be today if some of these cuts were done 10 years ago?

It is all the Taxpayers’ money

I believe that it is a people’s money whether it is in the General Fund or the Redevelopment Fund.

Make sure ALL City Council Members Live in Concord!

I believe that we should alter the City Council requirements to force members to have a PRIMARY residence in Concord defined as where you stay 200 days/nights a year.  I was stunned that the current council declined to alter the status on this.

Keeping City Hall close to the people

I believe we should investigate the possibility of creating districts for three City Council positions and having them elected by district, while the Vice Mayor and Mayor are elected at large. There are many ramifications here and potentials on both sides that should be discussed by the community.

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