Setting an 11 year record, 603 people took the survey to date.  Thank you folks for your interest.  The first half of the survey dealt with Covid and Vaccines and the second part on homeless issues.  


1. Will you get the Covid vaccine when it is available to you?

67%  Yes-I already got it

16%  Yes-as soon as I’m allowed

2%    Yes-but I’ll wait up to 3 months to see what others’ reactions are

2%    Yes-but I’ll wait up to 6 months to see what others’ reactions are

4%     Maybe-I have to think some more about it

6%     No-it’s not for me

4%     NO WAY- and I would advise others not to get it

2. Should businesses be allowed to require vaccines for employees, in general and/or for specific job types?

53%  Yes

30%  No

11%  Not sure

6%    Other: most common answer: Depends on the job and is that even legal?

3. Should City Government require vaccinations for Fire/Police/Public Workers?

62%  Yes

28%  No

7%    Not sure

3%    Other: mixed no for medical reasons, or extent of public contact.

4. Should bus and BART riders be required to wear a mask?

77%  Yes

15%  No

4%    Not sure

4%    Other: common answer only till herd immunity

5. Do   you   think Proof of Vaccination identifications   should be a requirement to attend City Council or any government public meetings in the future?

30%  Yes

48%  No

15%  Not sure

7%    Other: most common: no but should where masks

6. Do you   think Proof of Vaccination identification should be required for International travelers coming to the US?

59%  Yes-for everyone

12%   Yes-for everyone who is not a US citizen

19%  No

7%    Not sure

4%    Other: common answer require an instant test

7. Do you personally know someone who has died from Covid?

20%  Yes-one

12%  Yes-two or three

4%    Yes-more than three

59%   No

3%    Not sure

1%    Other: common- heard of but not someone personally known

8. If the Covid eviction restrictions   are removed, will you (or someone you know) be at risk for eviction from their home?

.3%  Yes-me

1%   Yes-me plus 1-3 people I know

1%   Yes-me plus more than 3 people I know

20%  No-but other people I know will be

69%  Not me or anyone I know

8%    Not sure

2%   Other: most common was pro landlord along lines of they should have paid their rent.

9. Do you believe that the danger of the Covid pandemic was overstated?

25%  Yes

64%  No

7% not sure

4% Other  Range: it was man made in China -to- not at first, but now it is.

10.Do you believe that the government decisions on covid restrictions for the past year have been primarily based on science or politics?

26%  Science

28%  Politics

42%  Some of each

1%    Neither

2%    Not sure

Comments: all over the field including Hoax to people do not know what science is.

11. Do you think that Governor Newsom should be recalled?

4%   Yes based mostly on his handling of Covid

25%  Yes based on his handling of Covid as well as his other polices.

7 %   Yes-I never wanted him in office

55%  No

5%    Not sure

3%   Other

For fun think about what the differences in answers or the similarities fo 156  people who answered that the pandemic was overstated compared to the 403 that said it was not.  We can sort that out.


In the second part of our survey of 2021 we reached 635 participants and focused on issues around homelessness.   While the congregate numbers give us an idea of overall sentiments, it is interesting to find out if there is some commonality in sentiments that are somewhat opposed to each other.   Age was not a real significant factor, mildly zip codes 94521 were in opposite direction of 94520.  However the biggest difference in groups seemed to be how they answered the question of whether they would vote Yes (35%) for a Recall of the Governor as opposed to those that would vote No (55%) and this is noted where it is interesting and significantly a swing from the average.

Should Homeless encampments be allowed in public parks?

6%  Yes  (Recall Yes 2%, Recall No 11%

76% No   (Recall Yes  94%  Recall No 64%)

8% Not sure

11% Other-  Comments reflect above split basically Hell No to Housing is a right.

Should homeless encampments be allowed under bridges and/or along creek/stream/river beds?

16% Yes  Recall Yes 6%,  Recall No  27%)

64% No  (Recall Yes 84%  Recall No 53%)

12% Not Sure  (Recall Yes  6%, Recall No 15%)

8% Other – Reflective of above split.

Should private land owners be required to allow homeless encampments if their land is empty or not   in use?

7% Yes  (Recall Yes 3%, Recall No  10% )

76% No    (Recall Yes 89%, Recall No 68%))

10% Not Sure

7% Other -range reflective of above split

Should the city provide porta-potties for homeless encampments?

58% Yes  (Recall Yes 35%, Recall No 72%)

25% No   (Recall Yes 49%, Recall No  11%)

9% Not Sure

7% Other-range: more public facilities for everyone to where?

One of the interesting things with this and the next question is the very point of WHERE?  People do not want them in parks or under bridges or river beds, as well as not on private property. Do we force them to go to government designated camp areas with these facilities as well as where ever they want? Does providing the clean up and porta-potties in effect authorize the ad hoc encampments?

Should the city provide garbage service for homeless encampments?

63% Yes  (Recall Yes 41%, Recall No 77%)

24% No   (Recall Yes 47% , Recall No 11%

7% Not sure

5% Other Comments range from: ‘pick up your own garbage’ to ‘Only in city camps’ to ‘No way’.

Should the city provide structured campsites for people experiencing homelessness?

22% Yes  (Recall Yes 10%, Recall No 30%)

5% Yes-and I will volunteer to help (Recall Yes 2%, Recall No 7%)

  *34 people please contact me:

6% Yes but only on the outskirts of the city 

39% Yes-but only if mental health and addiction services are provided.

Recall Yes 29%, Recall No 45%

7% No sure

20% No   (Recall Yes: 41%  Recall No 7%)

Over 90 additional comments were added to the responses above.  They ranged all over from super harsh to Housing is a Right.

There seems to be support (72% over all) for the city to provide controlled encampments with services.  The problem is where and at what cost and who is to run it and then what to do we do with those that refuse to go into them?

Do you believe that if Concord provides more services for   people experiencing homelessness, that more unhoused people will come to Concord?

40% Yes  (Recall Yes 70%,  Recall No 21%)

28% Maybe  (Recall Yes 14%, Recall No 38%)

16% Not Sure  (Recall Yes 9%, Recall No 19%)

16% No       (Recall Yes 6%, Recall No 22%)

Additional comments (54) ranged in tone from: ‘ It should not stop us from doing the right thing’, to ‘let us force other communities to do more’, to ‘of course you idiots.’

Clearly there is a community divide using the line of where you stand on the Recall of the Governor.  Some might argue that is reflective of the major political parties.  Regardless is does point to potential focus points in working on the problems of homeless folks in our community.

The above is the independent individual opinion (where there is any) of Edi Birsan and not associated with or produced with the help of any government entity either here or within a Galaxy Far Away.

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