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Crime and Justice

People feel that there has been an increase in crime along with a decrease in the holding of criminals accountable.
I agree. We need to support a movement of courts to the local cities to deal directly with the low level crimes and quality of life impacts that demonstrate swift and proper justice. This allows the central courts to concentrate and do more to process arrests quickly. We need to support our communities protecting them from repeat offenders be it vandalism, tresspass, theft and disturbing the peace.


People feel that the homeless represents a major concern in the District. (Flip to learn more!)
I agree. We need to massively increase out ability to transition people out of this condition as well as to prevent in the first place. This will create the ability to reduce significantly those who want to move out allowing us to focus resources to deal with the chronic problem cases that represent a small portion of the over all issue but a major portion of the public’s negataive interaction directly with the homeless.
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Housing has become so expensive that it has damaged the American Dream of independent -stable living. (Flip for specifics.)
I agree. We need to increase the availability of affordable housing along with market rate housing by all means. This can include reduction of red tape and outrageously high fees such as $30,000 for a water meter, cooperative planning, allowing for a greater mix of housing types including tiny homes, starter homes, and cheaper apartments.

Mental Health

Mental Health is a concern to all levels of society.
I agree. We have seen the start of an increase in the diversion of 911 mental health crisis from basic police to enhanced mental health professionals. This needs to be advanced plus we need to have a return to the providing of facilities to hold those that are a danger to themselves and society. We have seen too often the release of those detained under 5150 within hours.

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