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Ed Birsan Biography

Born: Oct 7, 1949 Brooklyn, NY as Edi Ersalesi Junior
Boy Scout

Mom’s Parents

Greek (from Island of Lesbos)
Grandfather worked on the Battleship Missouri as steel worker and long time waiter
Grandmother was a seamstress, NY garment industry

Father’s Parents

Grandfather – Shoe Maker Factory in NYC 

                         Born in Piedmont Italy (near Swiss Border) 
                         Orphan raised by the Salesian Brotherhood

                          Turns out from a recent DNA test done on me that I am 30% from Spain/Iberian  

Divorced my mother when I was 4, would not see him again for over 50 years.

Step-Dad – Birsan

Cosmetic Chemist and High School Biology- Physics Teacher
His background  from the area of Russia/Poland and Lithuania, Jewish.

Birsan is a common name in Rumania but I was told it was an Ellis Island Special when his father came
I took his name to honor him


Corporate/office Secretary
Abandoned me at 15, I lived with Dear Ole Dad for another 7 years till he died at age 57

Immediate Family

  • Married to my High School Sweet Heart: Carol since 1973
  • Two grown children: Yvonne and Edi Junior
  • Two grand children: Cody and Malik.
  • Son in Law: Jirema Ansley- a Medic and Afghanistan Veteran
  • “Pet” cat nortorious sock thief: Trixie


  • College Degree
  • BA from City University of New York (Dual major of Poli Sci and History after starting as a Math Major)
  • Post Graduate Work (degrees not finalized):
    PHd program C.U.N.Y International Relations 2 years
    Masters Program Maritime College Transportation 2 years

Other education

  • Concord Leadership Academy
    9 week course on all phases of the city government
    CERTs (currently enrolled) Citizens Emergency Response Team
    Preparation to lead local community in response to major disasters (other than political).
  • Citizens Police Academy
    9-week course (or three months)
    Police Dept functions
    Shooting Simulation
    Gang Activity, drug enforcement, K-9, police protocols, crime evidence, SET (Special Enforcement Team – SWAT), dispatch, volunteer (VIPS) support activities, traffic enforcement.


First Job
Porter (janitor) at Learners (women’s clothing) at age 15
College Work
Editor and historic conflict simulation game design: Strategy and Tacitics Magazine/Poultron Press 1968-69
Burns Guard World Trade Center site 1970
Diners’ Club VIP Customer Service 1969-1970

Election Politics

2010 ran for Concord City Council and was the runner up

2012-elected to Concord City Council, re-elected 2016 to at large seats

2020 elected to Concord City Council District 4 unopposed


Post College Work

Interpool Ltd 1973-1986
International containerized cargo equipment leasing company.
Started as a Clerk and ended up at Assistant Vice President, Pacific Rim (SF), previously Assistant Vice President of Europe, and Africa and the Middle East (based in London), Customer Service Field Manager for Europe (based out of Antwerp, Belgium). Specialized in international equipment recovery and bankruptcy control capital equipment recovery. AS the number two person on 4 continents was the resident trouble shooter.

E. D. I. Inc.
1986 – present, president and founder
Specialized equipment certifications and inspections.
Specialty includes Ammunition Grade Containers, hazardous and food grade tank
Domestic Container Storage and Leasing – sales, storage operations and management.
Small Business

Certified Cargo Inspector & Instructor
Steamship Lines for insurance companies, leasing companies, tank containers


  • Community Service Commission of the City of Concord-
    Commissioner= worked on $900,000 of grants 
    Community Block Grants
  • Friends of the Concord Library past President
  • Pulse of Concord: A community wide web survey site of neutral questions and discussions of responses.
  • Rotary – Rotary Club of Concord-Diablo
    Rotarian of the Year 2010 – Concord/Diablo Rotary Club
    District (71 clubs) Co-Chair of Publicity Committee
    International Service Director to Diablo-Valley 8 working group
    Community Service Director on the Board of Directors worked on:
    Senior Smoke Alarm Project
    Project Second Chance (adult literacy)
    Thanksgiving Food for the Poor/needy
    Santa Claus (400 gifts at Cambridge Child Development Center)
    RotaCare – free medical clinic for uninsured residents
    Picker Squadron– Fruit for food pantries and food banks 25 tons and going
    Books for Africa – used books for people in Africa
  • Concord Library Support
    Book Sales
  • Get Signage and promotion
  • Election Day Election Clerk – Contra Costa County Elections Department
  • Chamber of Commerce- Vice Chair Government Affairs/Relations
  • Restoration Advisory Board Tidal Area- Army overseeing restoration
    of polluted marsh land in the army base
  • Restoration Advisory Board-Inland Area- Navy overseeing
    restoration of the CNWS for the Reuse plan
  • Monument Community Partnership= Transportation Committee-
  • Worked on the plan to put in a one-mile park/route
  • Worked recently on fixing Detroit Avenue Streets
  • Worked on the Ellis Lake clean up
  • Senior Club Transportation advocate = obtained a $12K grant
  • Senior Mobility Action Committee- county group to advocate
    For seniors
  • Caring Hands- volunteer driver for seniors who do not have transport
    Concord Concerned Citizens Committee- ad hoc discussion group of
  • Local politics
    Historic Association of Concord- member trying to preserve local
  • Sun Terrace Neighborhood Partnerships- deliver door to door
    newsletters for the group and speak about community issues.
  • Hill Crest Neighborhood Partnerships- deliver door to door
    Newsletters, man the dumpsters on Dumpster Day
  • Cambridge Child Development Center-board of Directors, work on
    Securing grants, publicity
  • RotaCare- health care for the uninsured- volunteered and do publicity
    including door to door work
  • Pioneer Newspaper- constant columnist for the Pulse of Concord
  • Columnist Diablo Valley Gazette
  • Life-time member of the US Navy League.

YouTube videos

Over 90 videos of actions at Concord City Council and the community