With Covid restrictions in April and the hope of some reduction by July, the Todos Santos Business Associations Art and Music Foundation went for a fireworks show at the Pavilion where the large parking lot could handle 1000 cars in some spacing. The short time did not allow for the lining up of a bunch of sponsors so the $35,000 plus cost was made up by charging 25 dollars for each car and then making up the short fall with sponsors with Marathon, Pacific Service Credit Union and a few others stepping up.

The risk at the Pavilion was the large fields around it and in the course of the planning there were arrangements made for Con-Fire and Concord PD to be available. They were needed as two small fires were started that required a few minutes break to be quickly put out and the music and flash-boom-boom carried on. Good organization and planning paid off.

I had a good time and look forward to returning to the Mt.Diablo High School where we can put 15,000 people, have events for the kids and tons of food and other vendors working with the crowds.